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Moving Cleaning in the Malmö area

At Flytt City in Malmö we perform different kind of cleaning services in connection to your relocation. This include cleaning of homes, offices, staircases and coarse cleaning.

Our moving cleaning services include coarse cleaning and window cleaning at a standard that complies with Mäklarsamfundets regulations, which means that the cleaning will be approved in an inspection. After the inspection is done, the place is ready to be moved into.

When you move houses or apartments its often required by the landlord or the new tenants that the place is thoroughly cleaned. The task to pack up all your stuff can be a nightmare by itself, and to know that you also have to clean the place to perfection can be a huge stress factor. Luckily there is help to get with both the packing and the cleaning.

At Flytt City we have a service we call “moving cleaning” which allow you to focus on the fun parts in the moving process. Leave the moving cleaning to us and have the time to focus on the unpacking of your belongings at your new place.

We can also help your company when you move it to new facilities. Often the cleaning requirements for office space is fare greater than for houses or apartments. We help your company with the cleaning of the old office, which enables you to spend time on furnishing and decorating your new office space.



The RUT-deduction (in Swedish RUT-avdrag) is a tax reduction designed to make services like home cleaning cheaper for individuals. The idea is to make the everyday life for individuals easier by making it cheaper for them to hire help with services like cleaning, while at the same time increase demand for cleaning companies services resulting in more jobs created in those companies.

By taking advantage of the RUT-deduction, individuals can decrease the cost of cleaning services by 50%. In practice this means that if you order a cleaning service for 2 000 SEK we will be able to deduct 1 000 SEK, reducing your final bill to 1 000 SEK.

Other cleaning services we offer:
Do you have a stressful week which means there is no time for the chores you want to do? Or do you simply think that you don’t have time to do them? Contact us regarding the service “home cleaning”. We will come and take care of the cleaning of your place, leaving you to focus on what’s important in your everyday life.

Do you or your home-owners association need help to keep your staircases cleaned? Contact us regarding the service “staircase cleaning”.

As we all know, office spaces tend to get dirty quite fast. This of course is due to staff that constantly walks in and out with dirty shoes. Keep your office space clean by ordering our service called “office cleaning”.

Is your home in need of cleaning after a renovation? Or do you just feel it’s time to clean it from top to bottom with great care and feel that you don’t want to do it by yourself? Order our service called “coarse cleaning” and your place will be as good as new!

If any of the services above looks interesting, please contact us at 040-433 343.


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