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What about the cost of moving?

The cost of moving depends on a number of factors. These includes :

  • If you want help to move all your stuff or just your big and heavy belongings.
  • What floor your apartments are at, in other words how many staircases we have to move your belongings.
  • If there’s an elevator in the apartment buildings.
  • If the apartment includes a storage space that needs emptying and moving
  • The distance between the apartments, which of course is the most contributing factor.

We always make sure to tailor make your move. We have listed our standard rates below, if you prefer a direct quotation please contact us.

Movin between apartments, 2-3 rooms

625 SEK / hour

with RUT-deductions*

Moving between houses & larger apartments

900 SEK / hour

with RUT-deductions*

Moving between larger houses & apartments

1175 SEK / hour

with RUT-deductions*

*We reserve the right to bill the full amount (RUT-deduction excluded) in the case that Skatteverket denies the request for RUT-deduction. From August 1 the RUT-deduction is applicable on moving services.

We encourage you to read more about the RUT-deduction on Skatteverkets webpage to make sure you can fully take advantage of it.

The approach charge to your place and back is 2 x 30 minutes in all municipalities which we operate. For other municipalities fees according to agreements applies.



We take care of everything regarding the cleaning in the case of an estate. You can leave us the keys and we clean everything out, move the furniture to where you want them to go, and drive the rest to the recycling station. If you prefer we can also take care of the cleaning and inspection.

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