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We have everything in the moving product segment

We have all kind of moving packaging and other moving products you might need for your move. We have everything in the moving product segment. Double arched moving boxes of the best quality. Moving wardrobes that you or we can hang your clothes while we move. Plastic film packaging to protect your boxes, cabinets and other belongings from rain and scratches.

We have all products you need for your moving. Examples are double arched moving boxes, moving wardrobes where you can store your clothes, and plastic film packaging. We also offer bubble plastics protect your most fragile belongings, and silk paper to pack you dishes and cups so that you wont have to put them in the dishwasher the first thing you do in your new place. In our store, we have all the packaging materials you can possibly need, so welcome to visit us and buy everything you need to succeed with your move!


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