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We offer warehousing of goods or personal belongings for both business and individuals

Warehousing for individuals in Malmö

As a private citizen, you might be moving to a smaller place and suddenly find yourself with more furniture than you currently need. Its always a shame to get rid of stuff that you feel you might want to use in the future. We have the solution to this problem. In our warehouse you can store any belongings in a safe and secure environment. It doesn’t matter if its just for a couple of weeks or for longer periods of time, we will take care of it.

Do you live in a tiny apartment with not enough space for all your belongings? We can store everything from clothes to large furniture.

Warehousing for companies in Malmö

Our warehousing services are for companies as well. Perhaps your business has outgrown your archive room? At Flytt City we have both the space and the perfect condition to warehouse older and more rarely used files until you need them again.

Do you have stuff that’s in the way but that you don’t want to throw away? We can warehouse everything from office materials to old products.

About our facilities

When you choose to warehouse at Flytt City in Malmö your belongings are stored at dry and cool facilities. If you don’t have the time to bring them yourself, we are happy to transport them for you. At Flytt City the security of our customers belonging is our highest priority, and the security at our facilities is therefore top notch as well as insured at Trygg Hansa. So when you warehouse your belongings at our facility you either keep your home insurance or sign a new where you might get a better deal. Either way you don’t have to pay extra for insurance when you warehouse your stuff with us.

If you need safe and secure warehousing in Malmö we are at your service. Our warehousing services are affordable and we guarantee that your belongings are in safe hands as long as you store them with us.


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